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What to Expect from a Chemical Peel Treatment in London

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Chemical peel treatment is a complex skin treatment. There are many stages of these treatments that one needs to know before going for it.

Chemical peel treatment is effective process to treat skin and improving the appearance. A convenient of get rid of wrinkles and blemishes, these treatment is now becoming quite popular in London. After applying chemical on the face and skin it makes the skin blister. The skin eventually peels off due to the effect of treatment revealing the fresh new skin that is smoother and has fewer wrinkles.


If you are considering whether you should go for chemical peel treatment in London, take a look at the below list. This treatment is used for these reasons,

  • To reduce fine lines around eyes and mouth
  • Chemical peel for sun damage is used to reduce the signs of ageing
  • Improve appearances by getting rid of mild scars
  • To reduce freckles and dark patches on face, neck and arm
  • To improve the look and the feel of skin

What to Expect during the procedure

The chemical peel is a typical process done by surgical facilities. If you are opting for light peel treatment you won’t need sedative. However, if you are thinking of going for medium peel treatment or deep peel treatment the surgeon will numb your skin and the area before treating.

During Light Treatment

  • Doctor will use brush, cotton ball or sponge to apply the chemical on the surface of skin. It can be TCA peel treatment in London that is used for more than 20 years and most trusted chemical.
  • A mild stinging feel can affect you during the process because of the chemical reaction of the skin.
  • Neutralizer solution and regular wash will be done to remove the chemical from the skin.

During Medium Treatment            

  • The cotton tip applicator can be used with the chemical on the skin. The skin starts whitening in some time where the chemical is applied.
  • Stinging and burning sensation for 20 minutes or so is natural during this treatment.

 During Deep Chemical Treatment

  • It is a complex process. You will be give IV fluids and your heart rate will be closely monitored.
  • After applying chemical with cotton tip applicator the skin will immediately start changing colour and turn into white or grey.
  • To limit the exposure to phenol the doctor will take more time, around 90 minutes for the process.

These are the basics of chemical peel treatment in London. The process can give you amazing results. Bring a new spark in your look with it.