Chemical Peels

Get a Quick Solution for Sun Damage by Using the TCA Chemical Peel Treatment in London

Neostrata Chemical Peels start at £60 per peel | SkinTech Easy TCA Peel course of four £600. Obagi NuDerm system prices start at £400.

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Neostrata Peel

Will a chemical peel help my skin?
A chemical peel is a procedure that rejuvenates skin. Most individuals find benefit from the application of glycolic acid. In almost all cases, patients will notice a improved vitality of skin.
How long does it take to have a chemical peel?
About thirty minutes in total, hence it has often been referred to as "the lunch time peel".
Can I go right back to work?
In most cases, work or other normal activities may be resumed immediately.
Is a chemical peel painful?
No. There is a mild degree of "tingling" or a slightly itchy sensation while the glycolic acid is in contact with the skin. Upon neutralizing the peel, the skin feels fresh and smooth without discomfort.
Can I go out into the sun after having a chemical peel?
You may go outside, but sunscreen must be worn for at least two weeks after the peel as your skin will likely be a little more sensitive to sun exposure.
How many chemical peels should I have and how often is it recommended?
Unlike Botox, treatment results are instant. There is some residual improvement over the following few days after treatment and drinking plenty of water is advised to hydrate and ‘plump up’ the filler.So, if you are looking for instant results then you should opt for hyaluronic acid fillers in London instead of Botox or other wrinkle reduction treatments.
Will a chemical peel remove deep lines or wrinkles?
Fillers have been used as a cosmetic treatment for many years and are considered very safe. They give a natural, youthful look to the skin, which is temporary. In the unlikely event that you were not satisfied with the results, the treatment can be reversed using a simple medicine.So, it is a completely safe procedure and those rare times when you are not satisfied by the results, you can simply go back and reverse the effects of the treatment in no time.


When can treatment commence?

If you decide that you are interested in The (Easy) TCA peel treatment, the chemical peel treatment for sun damage in London; you will need to have a consultation. Your practitioner will examine your skin and discuss the potential benefits and risks of The Easy TCA peel (the facial skin chemical peeling treatment)for your particular skin type and condition. If it is determined that you are a good candidate for this peel, some topical medications will be prescribed for you to prepare your skin for peeling.Gillian will examine your skin and discuss the potential benefits and risks of The Easy TCA peel for your particular skin type and condition. If it is determined that you are a good candidate for this peel, some topical medications will be prescribed for you to prepare your skin for peeling.
What areas can be treated?

Most people have similar aging and sun damage changes on the neck, chest and hands, arms and legs as are present on the face. Fortunately, The (Easy) TCA peel can be performed successfully on these other non-facial areas as well.
Does the treatment hurt?

No anaesthesia is necessary because the chemical solution actually numbs the skin. You may feel a warm sensation which is followed by some stinging. A solution containing TCA is applied to your skin. This is usually associated with 2-3 minutes of a burning and stinging sensation, which is very brief.
How will my skin look and feel immediately after treatment
When The (Easy) TCA Peel is applied to the skin, it causes the top layers of cells to dry up and peel off over a period of several days. When the old skin has peeled off, it exposes a new layer of undamaged skin which has a smoother texture and more even color.Most people take 5-7 days to heal from an average The (Easy) TCA Peel. During the healing process there is no pain, but the skin looks as if it has mild sunburn. Therefore, most patients choose to stay home during this healing time. However, if you are not too self-conscious about your appearance you may be able to work during part of your peel.Anyone who has had The (Easy) TCA Peel is more sensitive to sunlight for at least 6-8 weeks after their peel. During this time it is very important to protect the new skin with sunscreens, hats and the avoidance of strong sunlight. However, most people are anxious to protect their new improved skin from the damage of sun exposure and they continue to wear sunscreen daily, even after they have healed completely.
Without top up treatments how will my skin look and feel?
Usually a few sessions of The (Easy) TCA Chemical Peel will be necessary to achieve the desired effect.
What are the side effects?

Some swelling may also occur after The (Easy) TCA Chemical Peel. It is vital to follow the patient aftercare instructions in order to reduce the risk of complications with the peel. Patients who have received The (Easy) TCA Chemical Peel will be sensitive to the sun, and therefore it is crucial to properly protect the skin. The recovery period for this chemical peel averages about a week or two during which time patients may experience some redness, irritation, and discomfort in the treated areas.
A week or two after The (Easy) TCA Peel, patients will begin to notice the new skin and the improvements made to their appearance. Overall, The (Easy) TCA Chemical Peel can be an effective and satisfying way to reduce imperfections and enhance the skin’s appearance. As with any procedure, not everyone is a candidate for this peel. You will be advised on your suitability for this procedure at your consultation.


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