Make an Appointment for Spider and Thread Vein Treatments in London

Ishbel Straker was trained by the award winning Dr Joney De Souza in microsclerotherapy procedure at Wigmore Medical in London. She is an expert in this field and you can be confident that your treatment will be carried out to the highest professional standards.

Microsclerotherapy is considered the gold standard treatment for leg thread veins and spider veins. It is the technique of injecting thread or spider veins with a special substance known as a ‘sclerosant’ that causes swelling in the vein’s wall. If the vein is small enough, the swelling will destroy the vein over several weeks, making it much less noticeable or even invisible. Blood stops flowing through the veins, which are then absorbed by the body’s natural defense mechanisms over a period of several months.

After the injections a compression stocking is applied and needs to be worn constantly for three days to one week.

As with all medical procedures there are potential complications. These include:

• Bruising which can last anything from two weeks to three months depending on the size of the blood vessels treated. Due to bruising following injections the treated areas can look worse before they improve and it is necessary to be patient to obtain a good result.

• Brown staining – occasionally thicker bruises in larger veins, which can remain for several months, may cause brown discoloration of the skin. This could take up to a year to fade.

• Inflammation – occasionally the inflammation spreads outside the vein. If troublesome it can be treated with anti-inflammatory medication.

Compression stockings are worn for up to seven days to help reduce the amount of bruising. It is usually advisable to leave several weeks between treatments on the same area to allow bruising to settle.

It is possible to drive immediately after a treatment and a brisk walk of 20 minutes is beneficial. Normal exercise can be resumed after 24 hours. Air travel may be undertaken straight away but it is advisable to drink plenty of water and to wear class II compression stockings.

Consultation Fee: £50.

Cost per treatment: £200.

The number of treatment’s will vary per person and this will be discussed and planned at consultation.


At Aesthetic Transitions we often use short-wave diathermy to treat thread veins in the face, skin tags and milia, which are small, white (or sometimes pale yellow) spots that usually appear around the eyes, on the cheeks and on the eyelids. They are a type of cyst filled with a substance called keratin, a protein that provides strength to the skin. Diathermy uses a high-frequency current through a very fine needle to remove the milia.

Cost per treatment: Removal of up to 3 small £120 Removal of 3 or more £300.

The gold standard treatment for removing thread veins on the face. Also milia (white-heads), skin tags and blood spots.


Please contact our bookings department to discuss your requirements with a representative. They will be able to answer any questions you may have and let you know about our latest offers.