Wrinkle Treatment

Get the Best Anti Wrinkle, Non Surgical Treatment in London

1 Area £150 | 2 Areas £250 | 3 Areas £300 | Hyperhydrosis £450 for both arms

What is Wrinkle Treatment?
Botulinum toxin is an injectable medicine, which temporarily paralyses muscles by blocking the nerves which supply them. The muscles targeted are those responsible for causing wrinkles on the face.This is one of the most effective non surgical wrinkle treatments to bring back your youthful skin.
Does it Hurt?
You may feel a very small scratching sensation; the needle is the smallest you can purchase. Occasionally there may be some bruising or a small amount of swelling at the injection site, this resolves quickly. Ice can be used to ease this.Overall it will not be that painful, the little pain you experience due to the needle will reside soon!
How long does it take to work?
It can take between 2-21 days to take full effect.Yes, you will have to wait a little to see the effects of the procedure, however; you will be happy with the results in the end.
Are there side effects?
Headaches and local bruising are rare. Some patients may not respond to the treatment and in very rare cases a drooping of the eyelid can occur. This is reversible through the use of eye drops.However, one needs to opt for the services provided by experienced professionals to avoid such side effects, when it comes to wrinkle treatment in London.
Is It Safe?
This treatment has been used for many years. The toxin itself is extremely dilute and the injections are very specific, therefore it is very rare to get any serious complications or side effects.You will rarely see side effects or other complications if you opt for the best wrinkle reduction treatments in London.


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